The one who is short of speech, threatens with his fist


on behalf of the intelligentsia and civil society

The one who is short of speech, threatens with his fist.
Kyrgyz proverb.

The recent skirmishes in the border areas of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan could be called a game, but an insane, a very dangerous game. There are already the first victims ….   We all must resist the temptation to “cut the Gordian knot in one fell swoop.”  The edge of the sword this time will not cut cleanly, separating white from black and the righteous from the villain.
Yes, the blows can be strong, crushing, but the probability is great that all this will be a fatal mistake – none of the opposing sides will win. Even the formal “winner” will have so many losses that he will not be in a better state than the “loser”.

The point is, resolution will not be easy, and the confrontation could develop into one that is not only between the two neighboring republics.

Most likely, if everything is left to chance, the territory of both mountainous countries will turn into a testing ground for “military-strategic” experiments by third forces of geopolitics, especially international terrorism.

Once having taken the bait of the “easy victory” promised by “well-wishers”, the subjects of an armed conflict will not notice when they suddenly turn into puppets of a senseless, fratricidal (suicidal!) massacre. And when the wheel of bloody revanchists starts spinning, no one will be able to get out of it on their own will – everyone will fall into the trap of a mindless scandal.

Therefore, let’s not wave our fists, not admire too much of our tank-rifle biceps, anti-aircraft missile or aviation muscles. After all, all of our (both countries combined) military equipment is minuscule, child’s toys compared to what forces could potentially be unexpectedly involved from third parties. We may all find ourselves under the boots of giants who will begin to walk on our land, the land that our ancestors – the Kyrgyz and Tajiks – left us, bequeathed to us to live in peace and harmony. Take a look, for example, at the history of conflicts between north and south of the once united Korea, where there were on average dozens of bombs or artillery shells per square meter…

Come to your senses before it’s too late!
Do not assent to the screamers who are playing “heroes”. True patriots are those who seek to expand in word and deed the ranks of friends of their people, and not turn them into enemies.

Yes, many residents of border villages found themselves in a rather difficult situation. There is a lot of conflicting information – many are trying to blame only the “enemy” for everything, fully justifying “their own”. There are too many “fake” messages spreading knowingly false information to aggravate the situation and start a big war.

But all this will pass – the illogicality in relations between the two fraternal republics cannot go on forever. True, positive changes will not come by themselves – they should be created by daily, hourly efforts. But not by mutual insults and threats.

Let us believe in the genius of our peoples, in the generosity of each nation, dear sons and daughters of two neighboring peoples, descendants of the great Samani and the magnanimous Manas!  Let’s think for a minute what Chyngyz Aitmatov and Mirzo Tursunzade would say to us today! They would certainly condemn provocateurs – conscious and stupid.
If we sincerely wish a peaceful, prosperous life for our citizens, we must take care of Kyrgyz in Tajikistan and ethnic Tajiks in Kyrgyzstan and protect them from possible oppression. Let us all together, shout in unison, demanding an end to the unnecessary game of “heroes” on the border of the two countries!

Why have we been gifted with the invaluable gift of the Almighty? What are the mind and the heart for? Is it possible that the language of the ocean-like Manas, two Toktoguls (the medieval Saydali uulu and the democrat poet of the late 19th and early 20th centuries Satylganov), Tolubai synchy, Jeerenche, Kalygul, Arstanbek and Chyngyz Aitmatov will not help us to use our senses and find a way out of the impasse of confrontation? Can’t the descendants of Ferdowsi, Jami, Rudaki and Saadi, Sadriddin Aini and Tursunzade manage to stop before the abyss of bloodshed?

Let’s lay down the weapons and sit down at the dastarkhan of friendship in order to calmly discuss pressing issues.  And bite one’s tongue when he is angry, i.e. to pacify hired provocateurs in the information field who whip up bad passions.

Let the competent authorities of the two neighboring republics decide jointly and impartially all border issues, and not people of rallies, inclined to wave their fists.

First of all, we should all listen to the authoritative persons living in the border areas – these are the respected teachers, doctors, wise aksakals, and representatives of the clergy. After all, they have always kept close ties with their friends on both sides of the border, and now they can act as the best mediators in resolving the conflict. People’s diplomacy will help to sort out a lot!

Those who are for the preservation of peace, and who are against war, please respond!

Let other, more authoritative persons of the societies come forward with more convincing appeals, which would be signed by all sensible people of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan UNITED IN THE NAME OF PEACE!

  1. Anatay Omurkanov, People’s Poet of the Kyrgyz Republic
  2. Sultan Raev, People’s Writer of the Kyrgyz Republic
  3. Sadyk Alakhan, Doctor of Philology, Professor
  4. Burul Kalchabaeva, Honored Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic
  5. Tynchtykbek Chorotegin, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor
  6. Mirzokhalim Karimov, writer, honored cultural worker of the Kyrgyz Republic
  7. Kurmanbek Abakirov, Ph.D., prof. Kyrgyz National University
  8. Abdil-Akhat Kurbanov, writer, journalist
  9. Karybek Baybosun, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences
  10. Altynai Temirova, playwright
  11. Urunisa Mamatova, poet
  12. Zinakan Pasanova, writer

101. Joldosh Turdubaev, publicist, writer
102. Oljobay Shakir, writer
103. Keneshbek Sainazarov, peacebuilding expert, son of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
104. Suyun Kurmanova, writer
105. Gulzat Bayalieva, anthropologist, activist (Germany)
105. Asker Sakybaeva, journalist
106. Almaz Kulmatov, public figure
107. Elmira Nogoibaeva, expert, researcher of socio-political and social processes.
108. Dinara Oshurakhunova, human rights activist, member of the international parliamentary monitoring network
109. Gulnara Alybaeva, journalist
110. Navruz Odinaev, Chairman of the Public Council on Police Reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan
111. Jumadil Egemberdiev, entrepreneur
112. Erkin Ubysheva, Director of the Smart Jaran Association, human rights activist
113. Kaliya Moldogazieva, Health and Environment Expert, Coordinator for EITI Promotion in Kyrgyzstan
114. Nurmira Jamangulova, Citizen of the World, ecologist, teacher
115. Nurgul Sharshembieva, Director of the NGO “Dom Journalista”
116. Dilbar Alimova, Head of Political Clinic of Media
117. Shabdan Sulaimanov, poet
118. Dogdurkul Kendirbayeva, Director of the Foundation “Roza Otunbayeva Initiative”
119. Jetigen Asanbek, journalist
120. Aizada Kasmalieva, Azattyk Media
121. Kubanych Jusanov, TRK T-Media group
122. Daniyar Sadiev, OO Media School named after T. Tursunaliev
123. Aigul Bakeeva, “Political Clinic”
124. Tynchtykbek Kozhobekov, lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism of the Kyrgyz National University
125. Alimjan Alibekov, journalist
126. Rasul Abazbek, specialist of the project “Education for the Future”
127. Ravshan Shams, journalist, Khujand
128. Faridun Bobozoda, Dushanbe
129. Mahabat Urakova, Tokyo, Japan
. Sherzad Mamadiev, Moscow
131. Sherali Rizoyon, Dushanbe
132. Abdushafe Hamrozoda, Penjikent
133. Rakhat Amanova, teacher, Bishkek
134. Shamshidin Toktosunov, Karakul
135. Jumagul Barktabasova, journalist, Bishkek
136. Elvira Kakieva, journalist, Bishkek
137. Duishon Shamatov, teacher

(We hope that this appeal will be signed by many individuals who are not indifferent to the fate of peace in our region. And the list of signatories will include well-known, authoritative people of the two republics, so we leave the first hundred lines in the list free for now)

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