“We were under fire for 12 hours”. 23-years-old Kayrygul Ulukbekova, injured during the border conflict.

“Health” (AKIpress) – A resident of the village Maksat in Leilek district, Kayrygul Ulukbekova, told in an interview with Barakelde of what she had to face during the armed clash at the border.

At the current moment, 23-year-old Kayrygul is recieving treatment at a hospital for emergency care. Additionally, she is pregnant.

“On the morning of September 16th, the Tajik side started shooting. We just barely managed to leave our homes and run away.  While we were running, they started firing mortar rounds, that’s how we were wounded.  At around five to six in the evening, members of “Boru” Special  Forces rescued us,” she said.

Then, emergency medical personnel took them to the city of Suluktu, where they received care.  After that, they were sent from Razzakov city to the city of Bishkek.

“We were under fire for 12 hours,” added Kayrygul.

Kayrygul suffered injury to her chest and legs. Because of her pregnancy, Kayrygul Ulukbekovna cannot be operated on, and neither can she take strong medication. 

Source: zdorovie.akipress.org

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