The Kyrgyz Ministry reported that 36 people were killed in the recent border conflict

According to the information provided by the Kyrgyz Ministry of Health at 10:00am on September 18, the number of people killed in the armed conflict on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border has reached 36 people.

“The bodies of 12 more people have arrived at the medical posts in Batken”, – it is written in the information.

So far, 129 people have been injured in the armed conflict, of which 7 people have been sent home for treatment.

Out of the injured 79 are currently in Bishkek, 39 in Batken, and 4 in Osh are being treated in hospitals.

More than 140,000 people were displaced because of the conflict on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border. Among them, 136,770 people are the residents of Batken, Leilek districts, as well as  Suluktu and Isfana cities. Another 5,301 people are the residents of Chon-Alai district of Osh region.

Tajikistan has not yet provided any official information about its losses. Reuters reported that 7 people were killed, citing its security sources. “Ozodi” based on a source from the Tajik government, reported that the number of dead from the Tajik side were 39 people. However, the official authorities of Tajikistan have not yet confirmed this.

This data cannot be independently verified from other sources. (ZCo)


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