“Son, I am busy”. The wife of Elaman Uraimov told about him and about the last conversation

The wife of Elaman Uraimov who blew himself up with a grenade to stop the military and unmarked persons from Tajikistan, told us Kaktus.media about him and his life. Elaman and Aimeerim could celebrate their 6th anniversary at October 1st . The pair raised two kids.

Aimeerim told us about 2008-2009 when Elaman served in the army. Although, he ended Kyrgyz National Military Lyceum named after Daira Asanova (Suvorov’s military school) and Bishkek military institute. 

“Elaman was a real patriot of his country. I don’t know nobody else who could be more honest and fairer then him. Right now my soul is feeling a pain because he died and proud of his brave all mixed. Whole Kyrgyzstan saw how he can be a real warrior, but I never could see him alive again. He was ready to give his life to Motherland” – Aimeerim says

“I’m proud of my husband, not everybody could do this”

Uraimov was a commander of company 2053 in military part of Bujum village of Batken region.

“He loved his job. Service always was at the firt place. Our family reacted to this with understanding and whole life built up with his serving. It was important to him. The things that was important to Elaman had always becoming important things to our parents and to me” – Aimeerim crying

After 3 yers he could get retirement. But he told that anyway he could continue his job. At Batken he served from Aipril 2017. And after 5 years this place became to his home. He gave everything that he got. He gave everything when he served, making his dream come true from his childhood – to become a warrior

The pair got married at October 1st in 2016.

“The anniversary of this year he waited so specialy. He said that prepared me a surprise”-Ameerim crying. 

Elaman and Aimeerim met together at serving. 

In 2015 I was a soldier in commandant’s office in Osh region. Got serving with classmates of Elaman. I’m so grateful to Tilek Zhanbolotov and Nursultan Murazgazhoev , they help us to met each other. 

The last time when Aimeerim had seen her husband was in September 11th. She and her 5 years old daughter Elzada and 3 years old son Elmyrza stayed at home.

“By phone calling we talked at the last time in the morning at 8:42  in September 16 and it took just 28 seconds. Son wanted to talk with him but he said only “Daddy I missed you”. Elaman said : Son, I’m busy, I’ll be calling you back” and he turned off the phone call. But at the time of phone calling I’ve heard shooting sounds. And at September 16-17 we lost him. – she is crying

Kids loved Elaman. When he get back at home, kids started to disobey me and don’t notice me.

Elzada and Elmyrza still didn’t know that their dad is not alive

“They think that his in Batken, but we told them a little bit soon”- she said. 

Elaman was an oldest son of his parents. They had lost 3 kids in the past. For now they have their youngest daughter and grandchildrens. 

Source: kaktus.media

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