Elaman Uraimov, who was killed at the border, was buried in Savai village.

Elaman Uraimov’s body was laid to rest today, September 18, in his birthplace of Savai, Kara-Suu district, after he was killed in the fighting along the Kyrgyz-Tajik border.

“Even though he was under siege, he blew up not just himself, but also ten enemies with a grenade and killed them. The people rightly praised his deed and admired Elaman’s bravery in giving his life for the people and the land “- stated Elaman Uraimov’s father Kurstan Begiev.

28-years old Elaman Uraimov graduated from General-Major Dair Asanov Military Lyceum and later the Military Institute in Bishkek. He served in the Scorpion regiment in Jalal-Abad province for two years before being reassigned to the Buzhum border guard outpost in Batken province in 2017. He was the commander of a battalion. He died, leaving behind two children and his wife.

According to an official Kyrgyz statement, the death toll from the September 16-17 Tajik Invasion of the Kyrgyz Republic’s territory reached 36 people, including a 15-year-old schoolgirl. There were 134 people injured, including young children. The number of injured is being still verified.

Over 140,000 people are displaced to safer areas. 136,770 of these individuals live in the Batken and Leilek districts, as well as the cities of Suluktu and Razzakov. Another 5,301 people live in Osh region’s Chon-Alai district.

Dushanbe officials have not issued any official statement on the number of people killed and injured during the conflict.

According to Radio Ozodi’s sources, 39 persons, including civilians, were killed in border conflict on the Tajik side on September 14-16. Tajik officials have neither confirmed nor refuted this. This information could not be verified from other independent sources (AA/ZKo).

Source: azattyk.org

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