Baatyrbek, who received the medal “For Courage”, was killed at the border

Baatyrbek Rayimkul uulu, a scout and paramedic from the Border Service’s Special Unit “Boru” and a recipient of the Medal for Courage, was among those killed in the armed conflict on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border.

His brother Anarbai Orozov confirmed the tragic news to Azattyk. Baatyrbek left behind a wife, three daughters, and a son. The youngest of his children is only two years old.

Baatyrbek was 42 years old. He joined the Border Guard Service immediately after graduating from a medical institute. In 2022, he was serving as a scout-feldsher with the military’s Special Purpose Unit “Boru” in Batken.

Baatyrbek Raiymkul uulu was awarded the Medal For Courage in 2014 for his heroism and courage in the protection of his motherland and the execution of his duties.

Baatyrbek Rayimkul uulu with former president Almazbek Atambaev in 2014.

His brother Anarbai Orozov’s heart bleeds after losing his brother.

“He was born in the former Murgab district of Tajikistan, presently called Sary-Kol. He graduated as a paramedic. I am a retired military man myself. Almost all of our family is in the military. Baatyrbek, who had followed me since infancy, entered the Border Service in the hopes of becoming a soldier.”

Baatyrbek was the fifth of six siblings. According to his brother, his gentleness and steadfastness to his word distinguished him from others. Anarbai Orozov last spoke with his brother four to five days ago.

“He was ready to give his life for his people and his land. He used to tease me by saying, “A man should be on the outskirts of the country, brother.” I talked to him 4-5 days ago. He said he was on duty and everything was good. They informed us of my brother’s passing in the evening. They are bringing his body now. They have reached Osh. We live in Kara-Balta and he will be buried there. We are very sad and grieving deeply. I was in Moscow myself. I am on my way. Our parents have passed away. I am the eldest in the family. Now my only son is being taken to Batken. He also served as a petty officer at the border guard station in the Chui region.

According to Anarbay Orozov, in recent years his younger brother dreamed of buying a house.

According to information given by the Ministry of Health on the evening of September 17, at least 24 persons were killed during the confrontation on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border. The number of those injured surpassed a hundred. The names of the deceased have not been made public. Those who had lost loved ones shared images of the deceased on social media.

Tajik authorities have not yet officially commented on the casualties. While “Reuters” cited security sources as stating seven people were killed, Radio Ozodi cited local media as saying ten deaths on the Tajik side. However, Dushanbe has not confirmed this information officially. The information could not be  verified by other independent sources.

Kamchybek Tashiev, chairman of the National Security Committee of Kyrgyzstan, noted that the majority of losses were mainly among military personnel.


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