Archival material: “Golovnoi” was built by Kyrgyz SSR

The water distribution point, so-called “Golovnoy”, is entirely owned by Kyrgyzstan. This facility was built in 1970 and commissioned in 1973 as it is stated in the archival information on the construction of “Golovnoy”.

“This facility was built on the territory of Osh region by the order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Kyrgyz SSR with the Oshvodstroy (“Ошводстрой”) Trust of the Batken Construction and Installation Department. The cost of the project was 384.2 thousand rubles at that time. The aim was to divide the water flow into the Kaiyrma and Podvodyashiy canals. The Podvodyashiy canal will flow into the Tort-Gul reservoir,” according to archival data.

Recall that the situation in the area of ​​the Kyrgyz-Tajik border “Golovnoy” remains tense.

On April 28, at about 11:00 am, Tajik citizens loaded gravel with an excavator and “KamAZ” from the banks of the river Ak-Suu in the village of Ak-Sai, Batken region. Then, at about 11:30 am, Tajik citizens installed video surveillance on a power pole to illuminate the main water intake “Golovnoy” under the Batken District Water Resources Department, located on the river Ak-Suu in the village of Kok-Tash. Kyrgyz border guards stopped them while they were installing cameras on the second pillar.

Tajiks opened fire on Kyrgyzstan during talks on the acquisition of video surveillance by the Tajik side.

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